Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Secret Of Success In Business

Many books have been written describing the secret of success in business.   Most of them speak of hard work, dedication, paying ones dues etc. etc.   And, there is truth in all of these notions; but don't waste your money.   After 33 years in business, this Blogger will provide you the secret of success in business for free.   Just make your boss look good, particularly if he or she hired you.   It really is that simple.  

If you do this, you will be promoted, which will lead to more money and success in business.  In fact, other managers in your company will seek you out when promotional opportunities come up because they too will want you in their department, or division to make them look good too.   Naturally, to make your boss look good, you have to do a great job exceeding performance expectations.  Good or great is not good enough.  You have to achieve extraordinary results.  

And, that is easy to do.   Look at the people in your company that are really successful and do what they do.   Notice not only their hard work and achievements; but their image and demeanor.   Remember, not all work is fun or challenging; yet there is something to learn in every job.  Do your job to the best of your ability, even if you don't like the work you are being asked to do.   Dress for success even in a business casual environment.   Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. 

Learn to speak and understand "Corporate Speak.   I am often amazed at how clueless many employees are when it comes to Corporate Speak.   If someone in your company begins a sentence with,  "I am very concerned about X, Y or Z."   That is the equivalent of a Manager screaming at you; yet many employees just assume that this is a normal discussion.   It is not a normal discussion, at all.   If a Manager has to confront you head on with a cease and desist order, you are in big trouble because you failed to understand more delicate "Corporate Speak". 

Further, learn to manage up and sideways without being obvious.   This does involve really good communications skills and finesse. There are many times that Managers in our company have prevented me, as the President and CEO of our company, from making a really bad decision, by managing up.   In essence, these skilled Managers, who often report to me, or are even two levels below me, have managed me to achieve the best result for our company.   To them, I say, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for helping me see the light to make the right decisions. 

The relationship you have with your boss will determine your success.   You need to understand his or her personality style and alter your style to foster communications.   During the course of your career, you will have great bosses and lousy bosses.   Learn what you can from all of them and never, never use your boss as an excuse to fail.  Enjoy a great boss and rise above a bad one. 

Don't attempt to deal with critical issues passing in the hall, or worse in a rest room.   Set up an appointment to get quality time with your boss.   Use a meal together to build relationships; but not to solve big problems.  Big problems should be dealt with in an office conference room.  I can't tell you how many times, I will be on the phone, have someone sitting in front of me waiting for a meeting and have another employee pop his or her head in the door and ask if I am busy.   Obviously, I am busy whenever I am in the office.   Anyone who wants my full attention has to schedule time with me to get quality time. 

The secret of success in business is making your boss look good.  It may appear to you that he or she is taking credit for your work; but don't worry,  Senior Management is usually well aware of reporting relationships.   Your name will come up in Succession Planning discussions because the saying "that good help are hard to find" is absolutely true.   Make sure you are an "A" Player in fact and not a legend in your own mind.   If you do that, you will be successful in business and in life. 


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