Sunday, October 28, 2012

Human Resources - Wearing Many Hats

The Human Resources Department of every company is usually charged with recruitment, selection of new employees and terminations, in addition to administration of compensation and benefits, payroll and the company's performance evaluation system.   But equally important, Human Resources is the conscious of the company guiding senior management into making the right talent management decisions.  Effective Human Resources management is also involved with Succession Planning to assist both management and employees with career development. 

Employees should always turn to Human Resources, failing action by other management, to deal with any grievances.  Certainly any employee that is feeling harassed, in any way, should go to Human Resources for assistance.   Every company seeks to provide a safe and secure work environment free of intimidation, or any other kind of harassment.   Protecting the rights of all employees is a vital Human Resources function.  

More and more, Human Resources is in the business of lawsuit mitigation related to employment practice issues that unless properly managed can result in frivolous, or serious lawsuits.  However even with the best Human Resources practices in place to avoid serious lawsuits, every year companies face employee lawsuits that often have no basis in fact; yet must be dealt with at considerable time and expense.   These cases often occur when an employee is terminated for cause.   It is at that point that some employees find a contingency attorney, willing to take almost any case, in the hope of a quick settlement.   Some of these cases are really funny because they are so goofy. 

Human Resources management is critical to all sized companies.  This function becomes much more complicated for global companies that often must make payroll in multiple currencies and deal with cultural differences in employment practices.   Human Resources managers often wear many hats that change throughout the day.   When we think we have heard it all, we hear something new related to our employees.  Since employees typically make up 65% - 70% of a company's spend, in essence Human Resources in involved in managing our most important investment; our people. 

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