Friday, October 26, 2012

In Business Time Is Money

This Blogger CEO is a  man in a hurry.  After 33 years in business, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I often tell our employees that we need to get moving because we are all going to die and some of us sooner than later.   As such, I have a sense of urgency, not to be confused with panic, related to getting things done.   Corporations, big and small, suffer from inertia.   Think of every day in life like an airplane seat that goes up empty.  It is inventory that can never be used again.   The same is true about life.   A day wasted is a day that can never be lived again so we have to make every single day count during this speck of time God has given each of us. 

Employees often focus on little things instead of the big picture.  Yes, little things must be done to be successful; but as we prioritize our days, weeks, months and years,  we must keep our eye on the bigger prize, which in business is always growing the company.   Petty office politics often gets in the way.  I don't have much patience for employees that worry about reporting relationships, or their place in the pecking order.  In that sense, it would almost be better if there were no job titles.   Once in a while, when I see that kind of silliness happening, I have to remind an employee that ultimately everyone works for me, the CEO and owner of the company so the current reporting relationship, which often changes, is irrelevant.   

Successful employees demonstrate a sense of urgency related to getting big things done.  They plan their work and they work their plan.   Quantifiable Performance Objectives help bring focus to those big things that can make a difference in the growth and development of any company, which is the reason they are so important.  In the end though, it is driven people that make big things happen, not Performance Objectives.  

In business, time is money, or more importantly lost opportunities if people don't make thing happen quickly.   That means doing today, what could be done tomorrow, next week or next year.  It also means the ability to multi-task and work on many things at once.  Since we are all going to die, we can't wait to make big things happen.  We have to act right now, this minute to achieve success.   Doing otherwise is a road to mediocrity; certainly not my game plan.

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