Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Management Control Freaks

Every company has employees that are Management Control Freaks.   These are usually very hard working, well meaning Managers that just refuse to give up work, even when given the opportunity to delegate to others.   These Managers just can't see it working any other way without their direct involvement.  They will give a million reasons why it is virtually impossible for work to be accomplished, unless they do it themselves.   This often happens because of the fear factor.   Control Freaks fear that others just can't do to it right.  Sometimes, there is an element of martyr syndrome attached to these Control Freaks, as well.   I call them self flagellators. 

For the sake of the individual and the organization,  we must help these Control Freaks recognize that they will be more effective it they can just let go of the things that are better done by other people.   So, it becomes necessary to literally pry work away from them, often by executive fiat, as the only way to make it happen.  

Ultimately, work should always be delegated to the lowest level possible within any organization and this should include an off shore option.   This CEO Blogger gets very frustrated when Managers assume that just because an employee has a particular job title, or job level that they cannot possibly do "higher" level work.   I don't buy that for a minute.  Hearing a manager say that certain work requires "thinking skills" and therefore some employees are incapable of accomplishing a particular task begs the question if someone does not have thinking skills, why did we hire them in the first place. 

My assumption is that with the right training all employees can achieve most tasks assigned to them.   Of course, we will never know if we don't give people a chance.   However, the Control Freak is so afraid of failure that they often say, "I would just rather do it myself than risk mistakes".   Or, the best one is that "I am just too busy to train someone else to do the job"; hence delegation never occurs.  

Senior Management must save Control Freaks from themselves.  They way to do it is to suggest highest and best use for their time and skill set.   In doing so, it may be possible to help the Control Freak see the big picture in terms of the best use of his, or her skill set.   Most important, the Control Freak cannot be allowed to continue hoarding work, when there may be better, more cost effective ways to get the job done. 

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