Monday, November 26, 2012

The Perfect Employee

This CEO Blogger has encountered many employees in my 33 years in business.   Some have been great, some have been good and some just did not understand the concept of "work".   There have been employees that to this day are the basis of very funny stories that are often told by management after a few drinks.   I am actually chuckling to myself as I wrote the last sentence because some of the employee stories could have been published by Ripley's Believe It Or Not.   Those are the employees that when Human Resources calls and starts the conversation by saying, You Are Not Going To Believe This One, when recounting the behaviors, or actions of an employee.   Oh well, they say laughter leads to longer life. 

In any case, the Perfect Employee is a team player who is smart, well educated, hard working, positive, flexible, funny and willing to do anything and everything legal and ethical to insure the success of the company.   This is a glass half full personality that always makes lemons into lemonade.  I love these people because their energy is infectious. 

The Perfect Employee sees change as a new challenge and runs toward it, rather than away from it.  The Perfect Employee is not a complainer.  The Perfect Employee would never utter the words, "That Is Not My Job" when asked to do something new, or to help others with their tasks.  By the way, I HATE those words, "That Is Not My Job" and if I ever hear it from one of our employees, it is the kiss of death.   

The Perfect Employee is a natural teacher, without being a know it all.   Other employees look to the Perfect Employee for learning because they all know that the Perfect Employee will always stop to help by providing whatever information is requested.   In fact, the Perfect Employee is not an information hoarder.  If 100% of all employees were the Perfect Employee, companies would all be that much more successful.   If it was possible, we would be in Business Heaven.   It would be Nirvana.   This CEO Blogger can always dream. 

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