Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Achieving Your Potential In Business & Life

Most employees never achieve their potential in business, or life.   This happens because they are not risk takers and or because there are nay sayers every where eager to tell you all the reasons your ideas are goofy.   Believe me, I know from experience.   I have been different my whole life.  If someone had told me 33 years ago that one day I would own a global company when I was a young teacher in the inner city in Los Angles, in my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined how that would happen.   Yet, here we are today because I signed my name many times, taking risks and because I trusted my own gut instinct, over the many people who told me along the way, that the odds of success were minimal.

The fact is that if you are reasonably smart, not necessarily a genius and willing to work very hard, you can achieve anything you set your mind to do.   Of course, it takes the Focus, Discipline and Passion I have previously written of; but if you don't dream big, you cannot achieve big dreams.   Forget about all the nay sayers.   If you do, one day they will be working for you.  

Don't be afraid to be different, even unique because those who are the same rarely achieve big things.   Don't strive to be rich, strive to accomplish big things and be successful and riches will follow.   Keep your eyes open for opportunities because they are every where around you.   And, when opportunity comes knocking, open the door.   As an entrepreneur, my problem is that I see too many opportunities, literally in every interaction that I have, so sorting is necessary for me to stay focused.

You and you alone are in control of your life.   Look to your inner strength for inspiration, not other people.   Stop making excuses, or blaming others for your lack of success.   You can do a lot more if only you step up to the plate and accept responsibility for your success.   Remember, if you don't  achieve something big today, it is gone forever.  So don't waste the day achieving little of importance.   

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