Sunday, December 2, 2012

Focus, Discipline & Passion In Business

The ingredients necessary to success in business and in life are Focus, Discipline and Passion.   Those people that exhibit these characteristics are much more likely to rise to the top.  Not everyone is born rich; yet many people become successful and often rich through hard work and Focus, Discipline and Passion.   Success is also about the ability to deal with delayed gratification.   Certainly, it would have been a lot more fun for this CEO Blogger to go out partying during my university years; but my studies, which lasted for more than 11 years and resulted in multiple degrees, along with working my way through school, so no student loans, took priority.   Marriage and children also came later. 

And, then there is paying one's dues.  Most people don't start at the top in any business.  And, not all work is fun.  There are usually a lot of crappy jobs along the way to success, not to mention working for lousy bosses in dysfunctional companies.   SO WHAT!   Don't use any of this as a reason to fail.   Stay Focused on success.   Have the Discipline to get the job done, no matter what distractions there may be.   And finally, be Passionate about your work.   Do the job better than anyone else and success will find you. 

Many people blame others for their failures and or rationalize their lack of success as a result of factors they can't control.   That is a bunch of Baloney!   You and you alone are the master of your own destiny.   Man or Woman Up and take control of your life to make it all it can be.   Yes, there may be sacrifices along the way to get ahead.   Yes, it will be very hard work and you will have to take risks, particularly if your goal is not just success; but wealth accumulation.   But assuming you have average, or above average intelligence,  you can achieve whatever you set your mind to do if you have Focus, Discipline and Passion.   What are you waiting for?   Success does not happen by accident.   And, hope is not a strategy.   


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