Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Know It All In Business

This CEO Blogger has worked in business for 33 years.   I have certainly been around the block a few times; but I still continue to learn new things everyday.  While I know a lot after many years in business, I  don't know it all and neither does anyone else, no matter how smart, or how experienced they may be.    There is nothing worse than the Know It All In Business, or maybe even in life. 

Know It All's are often too busy talking to learn anything new, which tends to stunt their growth and development.  Ironically, in some instances, the most powerful person in a room is sometimes the person that says nothing at all, choosing instead to listen to all sides of an argument before making a decision.   In fact, the best positioning is to ask lots of questions, rather than make lots of statements, to get at new information. 

Know It All's can be pretty obnoxious and after a while, they will be avoided by other staff members, tired of hearing Know It All opinions, which may have no basis in fact.    This is not to be confused with genuine teaching, or training that can come from experienced people helping others within an organization to grow and develop. 

If you encounter a Know It All, avoid confrontation because it is a waste of time.   Tolerate the behaviors for as little time as possible and then go about your business.   Know It All's, Know It All, so there is no point in trying to communicate with them because there is nothing you can say that will provide them additional enlightenment.   So why bother! 

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