Monday, January 7, 2013

Two Minutes Matter - Company Strategy

This CEO Blogger recently watched the University of Alabama - Notre Dame Championship Football game.  Sports was never really my thing, unless betting was involved.  I am happy to report that I bet the game a combined score of 40 or more and won just about a dollar for every dollar that I bet; not a bad return on my investment.  In any case, before the game began, the coach for Notre Dame said something that struck me as relevant to business management.  He said that in any football game, the play during the first two minutes of each quarter determined which team would win the game.

What he was really saying was that there was a strategy to winning.  Unfortunately for Notre Dame, they never controlled the first two minutes of any quarter and therefore lost resoundingly.   In fact, though they won the coin toss, which would have allowed them to control the ball going into the game, they gave up that privilege to Alabama and it may have cost them the game.   This Blogger CEO would never have given away that advantage.   

Whether it is the first two minutes, the first two days, the first two weeks,  the first two months, or the first two years needed to control and win the game in business,  it is probably not longer.   And, it is always better to be on the offensive than on the defensive in any business venture.   Things move so fast today and the world is definitely a smaller place so that he who hesitates will lose the competitive game every time.   The market place requires better, faster and cheaper in order to win.   That reality is not going away any time soon.  

Apple may be on top today because they got there first; but there are no guarantees at all that Apple will remain on top.   This CEO Blogger remembers the days when Apple almost went bankrupt and as crazy as it might sound, it could happen again if some other company, or person comes up with a better idea.   That is the basis of Free Market Capitalism.  Winning is all about Focus, Discipline and Passion.    The University of Alabama controlled the ball from the very first two minutes of the game and they beat Notre Dame resoundingly.  Winning is all about a sense of urgency.   Those companies and people who have it are winners.   Those that don't are losers.   It is what it is.    

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