Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When Something Does Not Work In Business

When something does not work in business, after a pro-longed effort, there can only be two explanations.   First, the business model is wrong.  If the market place does not substantiate the business model by Sales, then perhaps the concept is flawed.   Second, the people running the business are either not sufficiently talented, willing to work hard, or perhaps motivated to make big things happen.   This CEO Blogger would tend to default to the talent deficiency problem before scraping the business model.  Since I know from personal experience that talented people can make big things happen,  it is usually a talent deficiency that prevents success, since any business model can be tweaked to meet market demand.

There is a saying in the US, "It Good Enough For Government Work".   The implication, whether fairly or unfairly, is that since it is almost impossible to terminate a government employee, there does not seem to be a sense of urgency among government employees to get big things done.  And, the quality and quantity of the work government workers often produce is sometimes pretty mediocre.   This is a horrible generalization because over the years I have worked with some really great government employees; but to say this is the rule would not be correct either.  

The point is that working in business is not government work.  This CEO Blogger expects Managers to get big things done.  Managers need to think more like entrepreneurs, spending their own money, rather than government bureaucrats, to accomplish big things.   Time is money.   Both are always in short supply.   God has given each of us a speck of time on earth to make big things happen.   This CEO Blogger see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I don't have time for Business As Usual Managers, particularly when something is not working.   I expect results for the money I pay; not more of the same, if the same behaviors produce poor results.  Most CEO's share my expectation.   The clock is ticking.   The time to get big things done is NOW.  

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