Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Get Organized - Get Productive

Many employees in the work place and in life lack organizational skills to their detriment.   Ideally, it is best to do today what is often put off until tomorrow, or never gets done at all.   That means prioritizing work, if necessary by creating lists in writing, if it cannot be done methodically by memory alone.   There will be things that come up that throw a monkey wretch into any work plan, so some flexibility is required; but it is still better to have a daily work plan than none at all. 

This CEO Blogger is very put off by employees that always wait until the last minute to get things done.   It makes them appear scatter brained.  This is probably because I plan my calendar a year in advance in order to fit all the things in that I must get done, both in my business and personal life.   This allows me to plan ahead, which helps alleviate the stress of last minute tasks and decision making.  

While there is no right or wrong way to accomplish work, there are better, smarter ways to get the job done.   There is usually a preferred sequence of events that is more efficient and cost effective.   When things are done out of order, things tend to fall between the cracks, which can lead to service failure, or disruption.  

Organized people get big things done.   Disorganized people are usually left wondering what just hit them when they get run over by a train, or in this case events that they cannot control.   Bad things happen to disorganized people that don't think ahead.   While this is all preventable, it seems some people just never learn the lessons that come from pain.  How many times does someone need to get hit over the head before it becomes obvious that their lack of organizational skills is causing them pain.   For some people, the answer is that they never figure it out and a result it is career disabling. 

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