Monday, February 25, 2013

Never Give Up - Never Give In

Winston Churchill's motto was "Never Give Up - Never Give In".   Of course, he was leading his nation to defeat NAZI Germany so this thinking was very appropriate for the Prime Minister of Great Britain.   However, this CEO Blogger, as a former history teacher, has always been attracted to this idea, in both my business and personal life.  Throughout my life,  I have faced many obstacles that often seemed insurmountable, including people that were many times a road block to my career, or business ambitions. 

I am not sure where they are today; but I own a global company because I never allowed negative people, or uncontrollable events to prevent my success.   This often meant making many tough decisions.  Of course, there have been set backs over the years, managing through 3 Recessions, inflation, high interest and mortgage rates and lousy real estate markets.   Sometimes it was necessary to take one step backward to take two steps forward; but what is really important when all is said and done is to remain standing.  There was always a Plan B and survival instincts that caused me to see the train coming to avoid being run over by it.  

But always, always, I practice the Never Give Up - Never Give In motto to keep moving forward.   I tell you all of this not to sing my personal praises; but rather to assure you that no matter what challenges you may face in business, or your personal life, they can all be overcome.   And, never, never allow anyone to determine your success.   Only you hold your success in your hands.   If negative people get in your way, go around them.   If problems seem big, break them down to smaller challenges and tackle them methodically one at a time.  

And, always remember, when times seem bleak, allow yourself a short time to grieve and then immediately go to Plan B.   You are responsible for your life and your success.   Take control and most important, Never Give Up - Never Give In. 

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