Wednesday, October 21, 2015

See The Train Coming Before It Runs You Over

Very often in business, it is easier to do nothing than to deal with issues causing problems, which may require confronting other managers, whether internally, or externally.   That is really faulty thinking because ignoring an on coming train is a sure way to get run over by the train.  When that happens, it then becomes necessary to raise a bloodied hand in an attempt to solve the problem in a reactive mode, rather than a proactive mode.   By that point, trying to solve a problem in reaction to it, is that much more difficult because of the emotions that often come into play. 

It is much better to be proactive to address issues, or problems before they are evident and that includes process improvements that may be needed to improve service, or products.  Sometimes these things occur because of some change in the law, or other circumstance that makes business as usual problematic.  There is no point in waiting for the particular situation to occur before addressing the issue.  Instead, the best time to address the issue is before it becomes a service problem.

This means having a big picture orientation and understanding of how all the pieces of a puzzle fit together so that when something changes, the disconnect becomes obvious.  As soon as that happens, bring people together, that are important to decision making, to address the issue and change course, even if it means forcing the discussion.  It is critical that this be done to avoid internal frustration and organizational stress.  Successful managers are proactive, rather than reactive.       

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