Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Being Politically Correct in the Workplace

There is no doubt that the law prohibits any American company from discriminating on the basis of religion, race or sexual orientation in its business dealings.  There are also definitive laws dealing with Sexual and other forms of Harassment, which are justified given past grievances.  And, clearly though company management may have a specific political orientation be it Conservative, Moderate, Liberal, or even Socialist,  that belief system should have no impact on company decision making other than making decisions that are in the company's financial best interests.  It does however, seem that company's run by "progressives" can do, or say whatever they want without any consequences.  All of this said, we seem to live in such a Politically Correct world that having different opinions, that are protected by the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution, are under attack.  

To many, calling for smaller government, lower taxes, less regulations and adherence to free market capitalism, all Conservative Principles, are viewed by some as Racist, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Islamophobic and a whole lot of other names, which of course is ridiculous.  On university campuses there is a call for Safe Zones, where only Politically Correct Thought is acceptable.   Whatever happened to debating different ideas to develop critical thinking as part of a university education.  In any case, the Workplace is fast becoming a sterile zone, as well, where employees cannot discuss differing opinions for fear of offending someone. And, those who adhere to religious principles are shunned. 

It is very clear that while all companies must observe the law in all of our business dealings, we cannot and should not attempt to control what our employees think in a free society.  Of course that does not include Hate Speech that all would see as offensive; but it does include the freedom to practice one's religion, or no religion and belief system.  No employee should feel threatened by the PC police on the job, or anyplace else.  The United States is still a free country, the last time I checked.  Clearly, this is a situation where the rights of all must be balanced in accordance with the rights defined in the US Constitution. 


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