Monday, November 19, 2012

Business Maturity - Just Take A Deep Breath

As someone who has worked in business for 33 years, during good and bad times, for great bosses and lousy ones,  I must say that this CEO Blogger really appreciates Managers that have Business Maturity.   No matter what the business decision, change in organizational structure, or other factors impacting a company, or staff members, life is not going to end for anyone.  Yet, some managers react as though life or death is at stake any time change occurs.  Frankly, the emotional drama is not very attractive, or warranted. 

To put this all in perspective, life events like serious illnesses, divorce,  death, or perhaps a job termination are justifiably filled with emotion.   But work is work requiring a steady hand, not emotional highs and lows often exhibited by Managers and other employees when ever their cheese is moved.   So what if a reporting relationship, or job changes.  Gosh, while working at Merrill Lynch for six years, I had 8 bosses that were the result of promotions, or their terminations.  Life went on as I never allowed any of it to impact my success. 

And, when things change at work as they always do, just go with the flow as long as the change is legal and ethical and don't worry about it.   Remember, you should be in it for the long haul; not a short sprint.  Look, I really appreciate employees that are passionate about their work; but the reality is that there can be many effective ways to accomplish tasks.   So keep an open mind and don't get crazy when the way it has always been done is changed.   Life is all about change and then we die. 

Thinking outside the square (the Australian version of thinking outside the box) is a good thing even if it is very threatening to many employees.   It should never be the basis for self imposed stress.   Take a deep breath and realize that new ideas are the basis for innovation.   Business Maturity is critical to success in any business.   Managers who exhibit it tend to get promoted.   Those that don't are on a road to no where. 

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