Sunday, November 18, 2012

Can Do People In Business

There are both Can Do and Can Don't people in every company.   Entrepreneurs are Can Do people.    We dream big and worry about the details later.   Can Don't people are all those in a company that immediately get into the weeds to identify all the reasons why a new concept won't work.   These people are a real downer and not much fun to be around.   It is a good thing Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were Can Do people; otherwise, the light bulb and the automobile might never have been invented, or perfected.   Even so, at the time, I am quite sure they had to deal with Can Don't people that told them they were chasing windmills.   And so the story goes with virtually every new idea, or product ever conceived.  Success has many parents, while failure is an orphan. 

Can Do people see things through very different glasses.  This Blogger CEO, as an entrepreneur, sees opportunities in virtually everything.   There are too many golf courses in the United States and so many of them are in trouble.   At a recent party with friends, in discussing this problem, as someone familiar with the concept of highest and best use in real estate, I suggested that many of these golf courses, the ones not built in the middle of homes, could be turned into cemeteries.   Instead of a hole in one, the slogan could be one in a hole.  75 million Baby Boomers are going to die in the next 30 years.   We will need more cemeteries to bury them. 

By using up unnecessary golf courses for cemeteries, it will make the ones left more viable.   This is a good thing.   When I first mentioned this idea to my friends, they chuckled; but I guarantee you when the first golf course is turned into a cemetery; no one will be laughing.   Can Do people make big things happen in spite of the Can Don't people around them.   Can Don't people usually just get pushed aside to get big things done. 

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