Friday, November 16, 2012

Managing the Company Calendar

In addition to establishing, well defined, measurable Performance Objectives, for every functional area of a company during annual Strategic Planning, it is important to finalize the Company Calendar for the new year.   Success does not happen by accident and since there are many conflicting events, it is important to establish a pattern that works for management to make sure that company goals are being met on a monthly basis. 

This Blogger CEO must plan my work/life a year in advance.   While this may seem rigid, it is the only way I can control events to the degree possible and the overall management of our company.   As such, after we factor in dates of the events we must attend that we cannot control and company holidays in various countries, we can then implement our usual pattern of monthly department, division and subsidiary meetings.   In addition, in our case, since financial management is critical to our success,  our Senior Management meetings are usually the fourth week of every month, since we need financials from the prior month to ascertain our standing to date, compared to budget. 

Once the Company Calendar is established, it is hard to make changes since all other dates are predicated on various meetings, conferences etc.   But, this does allow our Management group to plan vacations and other personal days off in keeping with the Company Calendar.   The best way to manage a company is to plan the work and work the plan.   Clearly, a well thought out annual Company Calendar is part of this process. 

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