Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Community Involvement Is Good For Business

Successful companies should encourage employee community involvement.  Giving back should be an important part of company culture.   There are several ways to do it.  Obviously, companies can always make donations to local charities.   And, or in cases of natural disasters, when people really need help, giving to the Red Cross, or other organizations that provide assistance is a very good thing in terms of the message it sends employees, clients and customers. 

In addition, in our case, we provide matching grants to encourage our employees to get involved with local charities.  We even will actually pay a small amount per hour to a charitable organization, when one of our employee's donates time to that organization.   This is all based on the honor system.  We believe in helping people in need; but particularly in charities in business to change lives, not just provide food for a day; though we do that too. 

Group projects, some times organized by activities committees to assist a particular charity, is not only a great way to build camaraderie and relationships within a company, it is a wonderful way to benefit those in need.  Those involved in charitable endeavors should be recognized each year, which is the reason we provide an annual monetary Community Service Award to the employee selected by committee as most deserving. 

Community involvement is good for business.   In helping others, we really get back far more than we give.  Companies definitely have a role to play in assisting those less fortunate within the community because government cannot do it all.   

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