Monday, November 5, 2012

Hiring The Right People

There is no more important decision a company can make than Hiring The Right People.   This is the reason, though this Blogger CEO does not interview all of our new hires, I do review the resumes of the people we are hiring before a job offer is approved.   This is possible because we are Mid Sized company.   In larger companies, this process would be impossible; but nevertheless my premise is still correct.  

I am looking for people with the "package"; appropriate experience, education, maturity, attitude, neat appearance and stability.   When I see a resume with lots of job hopping, we often pass on that candidate.   This is frequently a problem for millennials that think they can just move from job to job, every year or two, without a negative consequence.  That does not work for me. 

It is impossible to see "attitude" in a resume.   Attitude is exposed during the interview process when it is always best to ask lots of open ended questions.   The answers not only display attitude, we can see communications skills, which are really important in a service business.  For my purposes, when we look at candidates for hire, I am not only interested in determining if the candidate can do the job in question; but also future jobs we may have in our company. 

As a result, I look for flexible people that will not get flustered when we make changes, which happen frequently in all companies.  In addition, really talented people can multi-task working on many things at once, which is really important because work does not always happen in neat little boxes. 

Finally, I have written about the personality styles.   Certain jobs require certain personality styles.  Hiring a Lucy, the creative, zany personality style in Accounting will not work.   Conversely, hiring a Fred, the quantitative personality style in Sales is probably not a good idea either.  This is not about intelligence; but rather mental orientation and work style.  Clearly, Hiring The Right People is the most important decision any company can make.  It takes time and due diligence; but it is well worth the resources to get the job done.    

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