Monday, January 28, 2013

A Star Is Born Every Year

A Star Is Born Every Year in business.   The person could be in Accounting, Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing, or any other company department.   In our company, we recognize our Stars with various certificates and monetary awards to make an example of them.  A Star is someone who makes big things happen and consistently.   A Star is a team player who doesn't worry about who gets the credit; but rather just does a great job to advance the interests of the company.

Stars are glass half full, positive personalities that rise above the trivial to embrace the big picture.   Stars are Special, which is the reason they are not every employee.   Everyone wants a Star working for them, which is why when succession planning takes place, Senior Managers always raise their hands to take a Star into their organizations.   

Stars are fun to be around.   Stars get promoted into higher level jobs because of their capabilities and personality.   People who have Star quality sparkle on the job in their own way.  Stars should be nurtured because they are few and far between.   This CEO Blogger is Star Stuck.   Every company needs more Star Performers. 

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