Thursday, January 31, 2013

Legal, Ethical & Profitable

This CEO Blogger is willing to consider just about any business venture, or new idea if it is legal, ethical and profitable.   These conditions are really the only ones that matter in a client, or customer driven company.   So if a client requests a new twist to our services, provided these conditions are met, the question is why not?   As an entrepreneur, perhaps from childhood, I have never accepted the status quo.

When anyone ever told me something was impossible, or even a dumb idea,  from a very young age, I either jumped over them, went around them, or pushed them aside entirely to pursue the impossible.   By definition, those people in business and in life, who get big things done, do not allow small minded people to get in their way.   As long as the measurement standard in business is always is it legal, ethical and profitable, the impossible becomes very possible.  

People with big ideas should never allow others who lack vision to condition their behaviors or actions in business.   That does not mean being a steam roller; but it does mean that taking prudent risk, based on experience, is always the basis for company innovation, growth and development.   This often also means being ahead of the market.   Very often, how can a focus group, or market research determine if a "new" idea is feasible unless and until it is introduced in the marketplace.  

Some concepts will fail; in search of the latest and greatest product, or service; but that is OK.   Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan.  Never be afraid to try new concepts, or ideas as long as they are legal, ethical and profitable.   Just maybe, you may change your industry, or the world. 

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