Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winning As A Team - The Only Way

While there is a place for sole contributors at every company, the reality is that organizations win and grow when they have a team in place that can work together to achieve big things.   It would seem simple to put a cohesive team in place focused on company objectives, but it is perhaps the hardest thing to do.  Employees come to companies with personal baggage and in some cases an inability to work with other people.  As someone who had many bosses, both good and bad, before founding our company, this CEO Blogger is often amazed to hear an employee declare that they just can't work with, or for, a particular person. 

Personality conflicts can be a huge detriment to organizational success.   When they appear, Senior Management must step in, making it very clear that people are being paid to work together to achieve the company's objective.  No one is asking anyone to love another employee; but rather to be civil, establish a working relationship and to stay focused on the growth of the company above all else.  Ultimately, an employee that can't, or won't work with other employees in a constructive manner must be invited to leave the company.

Companies spend lots of money on various team building exercises.  One of the easiest and most beneficial things to do is to encourage employees to work together to implement the organization's charitable goals.   Hopefully, giving back is something all employees should see as a good thing.  It is an opportunity to put aside petty rivalries in the process of helping others.  In addition, spending quality time together during company meetings is also important to establishing internal relationships.  Team exercises that are fun have a real purpose so that when the Team must come together to accomplish big things, there is a history of working together in a cooperative manner.    

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