Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dealing With Promotions

Some employees think that they should be promoted and or make more money just because they have worked for the company a long time.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Promotions are earned by hard work, dedication and contribution to the growth of the company, regardless of years with the company.  And, it is impossible to be an "A" or "B" Player without having a great attitude and the ability to work with other people. 

Communications Skills are critical to getting a promotion and are probably the key to successfully working with others.  When we hire and or when we promote, this CEO Blogger is always looking for the "package", which includes education, experience, attitude, flexibility and problem solving skills.  The employee who has the "package" never needs to worry about getting a promotion, or more money.  These things will come automatically because really talented people are always rewarded and usually without asking.  These are the employees that go the extra mile without ever being asked to do so. 

As the CEO of a mid sized company, I know which players in our management group are really critical to the organization.  Not that all managers are not important, or we would not employ them, but I am particularly aware of outstanding performers and I make sure that they are properly recognized, one way or another.  Recognition is not always about more money; but sometimes salary adjustments are warranted for really outstanding performers.

In some cases, the money issue is addressed automatically for people on incentives, commission and or various bonus plans as a source of reward.  Outstanding performers on these plans are already paid for performance so it is really more the recognition of their contribution that is important.  It goes without saying that outstanding performers are promoted, sometimes into jobs that are completely unfamiliar to them because their work history is so good that there is an assumption that they will succeed no matter the job.   That has always been my experience.    

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