Friday, February 6, 2015

Nurturing Talent In An Organization

Every manager in an organization should be focused on nurturing talented people in the company.  That responsibility is obvious related to direct reports; but this includes other employees, as well.   If "C" players can be turned into "B" players, within a reasonable amount of time, it is worth the investment.  If it does not happen, "C" players should be invited to leave the company.   Nurturing talent is really about turning "B" players into "A" players and realizing all the benefits to the organization that can come from "A" players.

Sometimes, companies are structured in silos that stifle employee development.  That is the reason why this Blogger CEO often makes the point that everyone in the organization actually works for me, regardless of the reporting relationships that may exist.  This allows me to assign special projects to individuals and or to prioritize work that I want done that is the interest of the company.  The CEO is often able to see the big picture better than anyone else because he or she is not tied to the day to day running of the company.  This also allows the CEO to recognize under utilized talent in small and mid sized companies.   In very large companies, the CEO must rely on a talent management structure and process to achieve the same effect. 

Generally, employees can do anything asked of them even when they initially think it is impossible.  Though, I know that look when someone is given a task that he or she thinks can't be achieved.  However, this CEO Blogger has faith in people and I have rarely been disappointed.  Using special projects is a great way to nurture talent and help employees grow into a promotion.  Since employees are the single biggest investment in most companies, particularly in service industries, there is really nothing more important than talent management to achieve the organization's objectives.  Ask a lot of employees.  Demand excellence and don't settle for anything less.  Keep raising the bar.  Really talented employees will always rise to the top given the opportunity.    

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