Saturday, September 10, 2016

ObamaCare Is Collapsing - Now What?

It may not matter if Republicans are ever able to repeal ObamaCare because it is collapsing of its own weight.   ObamaCare was predicated on smoke and mirrors, which assumed that healthy young people, not already getting health insurance from their employers, would buy health insurance on the ObamaCare Exchanges, with costly premiums and high deductibles to subsidize the older people with chronic illnesses, that are not already covered by their employers, that are buying health insurance on the Exchanges because they no longer have to worry about pre-existing conditions.   Of course, even with threat of fines, a sufficient number of young people passed on the offer because they are not stupid, so the insurance companies were left with a high risk population that actually requires coverage on a regular basis.

The end result is that many large health insurance companies, across the country, are pulling out of the ObamaCare Exchanges, which means fewer choices and even higher premiums because of less competition.  As such, ObamaCare is in a death spiral.   This may have been the intent of Democrat Socialists all along, who rammed through ObamaCare without one single Republican vote in Congress because their real goal is Medicare for all, in a single payer Socialized health care system that would put insurance companies, selling health insurance, out of business.  And, so that is exactly what they are proposing now as ObamaCare implodes.

Businesses, large and small and employees who already get health insurance coverage from their employers should absolutely opposed European Style Socialized Government Managed Health Care, which will lead to higher taxes, rationing of medical care and a lower level of care than exists in our private system.  We already have Socialized Medicine for Seniors at 65 or older, heading toward insolvency, which is means tested and requires supplemental insurance to be effective.  Vets are covered by the Veterans Administration and we have seen that story unfold as many of them have not been able to get quality care within a reasonable period of time because of the incompetence and corruption in that system.  And finally, the poor and or low income Americans are eligible for Medicaid, paid for by state and federal governments, or more importantly the American taxpayer.  Even if ObamaCare goes down in flames, these other systems are already in place.   We cannot allow Democrat Socialists in government to destroy the Private Medical system, applicable to the rest of us because even though it is costly, it does provide quality accessible care.     


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