Sunday, September 11, 2016

Time To Look For A New Job - Not So Fast

Aside from many Millennials that are often job hoppers, more mature employees should think hard and fast before leaving a current job.  This CEO Blogger has seen many employees, both within our company and outside, make disastrous career decisions thinking the grass was greener someplace else.  The fact is that all companies experience good times and bad times requiring tough decisions that could impact current operations, so in the short term the grass may appear greener someplace else; but it can quickly turn to brown fields when bad times come, or management changes.   As someone who has been in Senior Management for more than 30 years, I have managed through at least three Recessions, the highest and lowest interest rates in American history, real estate downturns, the dot com boom and bust, 9/11, the Fiscal Collapse that began in 2007 and general economic upheaval that has always had an impact on business and employees.  It has never been fun; but it has been necessary.

And, many times when industries change, a complete company restructuring is necessary to reflect the new marketplace.  None of these things are unique because change is a part of everyday business life that will impact employees at every company, or within any industry.   So, if someone is leaving a job, specifically running from the change that is occurring, he or she will be sorely disappointed only to find that change happens at all companies if they are to survive.  Ironically, it is those employees who deal with change, that often comes during difficult times and adapt to it seeing in change opportunities that are the most successful and valuable in business.   They will have a long term future no matter where they work.

However, there are times when an employee should leave a company and seek another job; but not for the obvious reason, presumably more money.  If and when a company, or its management, violates legal or ethical principles, it is time to find another job because there is nothing more important than corporate integrity.   If the leadership of a company is blatantly incompetent and or only making decisions in its self interest, it could be time to look for another job.  If the business environment at a company has for some reason become poisonous and ugly, it is time to leave.  And finally, if and when the leadership of a company does not express a long term vision for success where in which learning can continue for its employees, it may be time to move on.

These are all the reasons, this CEO Blogger decided to move on to greener pastures in the four times in 42 years that I made a job change.  And, while in the process it always benefited me financially, more money was never the primary reason I left one job for another.  The bigger picture issues that I have identified were far more important in my personal career decisions.